Have you ever wished you could make your own special book to remember a school reunion, engagement party, wedding, family reunion or holiday, to document a corporate history, or as to give as a gift to your grandparents, your children, to someone special on Valentines Day or when proposing to the love of your life? Photobooks make this possible, and they look far better than you ever imagined!


We transform your scanned negatives, slides or photos into beautiful and long-lasting photobooks. To design your own photobook or album, either collect the software from us or download it from our website. Alternatively bring in a CD or DVD of your images and we lay out, print, bind and present you with the finished product. You customise your photo book so that the end product is unique and incorporates all the features you love. Once you have decided which images to include, you have a choice of paper, layout and design, binding and cover. The result is a fine-looking and professionally made album constructed from durable materials and designed in an artistic and distinctive way.

Children’s Art Photobooks

Your children’s artwork is special, but often lies in a pile under your bed or in a closet for years, becoming tattered and worn. Scan in the artwork with us and prepare a photobook or album, showcasing your child’s artistic development each year. This is a great gift for grandparents who often miss out on some of the day to day happenings of their grandchild’s life.

Corporate Photobooks

Presenting documents professionally reflects the quality of products and services that you offer, and optimises the impression you make on prospective clients. We offer a range of papers, printing, covers and binding, so that the choices you make are appropriate to the function your book will serve.

Thesis Printing and Binding

We produce a high quality thesis book and CD for your thesis submission.


Book Restoration

If you have a favourite book that has lost it's cover or has been damaged, bring it to us and we can restore your book for you. 



Photographic Album (printed on photographic paper and mounted onto hard board, creating a lay-flat book when open). This is the luxury option.

20 pg Photographic Album (10 double sided pages)

  A5 A4 A3
Custom Cover
Mock Leather Cover
Mock Leather Keyhole Cover

Photobook (printed on glossy paper through a high quality copier and perfectly bound, like a magazine).

20 pg Photobook (10 double sided pages)

  A5 A4 A3
Custom Hard Cover
Custom Soft Cover
Mock Leather Cover

Mock Leather Keyhole   Cover

R240 R350 R630
Custom Soft Cover - Wire Bound R110 R200 R350
Calendars Wire Bound R110 R200 R350
20cm Square custom hard cover n/a R350 n/a
30cm square custom hard cover n/a R650 n/a

Additional double sided pages (2 single pages)

  A5 A4 A3
Photographic Album Double Sided Page

Photobook Glossy Double Sided Page


Should you wish to have one of our designers create your book, our design fee is R500 for 2 hours, thereafter R250/hr.


If you need assistance with our software, please do not hesitate in calling Cherrie on 043 721 0474 or emailing us at Support is available Monday - Friday 8am - 5:30pm and Saturday 8am - 1pm.

Photo Album or Photobook?

Lay Flat Photo Album
Attractive coffee table book of your special occasion. This book lies completely flat when open so images are printed across double page spreads are especially effective. Images are printed onto photographic paper and mounted on stiff boards. This is a popular way of presenting your wedding photos in a book.

The spine of the book is glued, and the book opens in much the same way as a novel. Useful for the replacement of traditional albums, recipe books, portfolios and presentation documents. The ideal way to collate and present annual reports.


Tip: Choose your book's "hero page", and have it printed and blockmounted  for your wall!





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